Preparing Your Property for Sale

Posted by Brad Porteus on 27 May 2014

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When putting your property up for sale we recommend you do the following list of items and checks in order to prepare your property for a smooth sale.

1.        Do the internal and external ceilings appear level?

The ceilings should look flat and without undulation. Shining a torch across the surface of the ceilings will expose any sagging. It is recommended that any sagging ceilings be repaired prior to the sale listing of your property, as this will be a defect item usually picked up by a Pre Purchase building inspector.

2.       Are the walls backing onto the bathroom showers defect free?

The shower walls may be stained or have a differing texture that the neighbouring wall areas. This can be evidence of water penetration through the showers. The shower cubicles will require resealing to prevent further damage. Water penetration through showers is usually a major concern for potential buyers.

3.     Clean up and Cut back the Landscaping

Ensure any overgrown or overhanging landscaping is cut back from the home. Overhanging trees can be an entry point for termites and will be noted on any pest inspection reports done on the property at the time of sale. This will help present your property. Poorly maintained landscaping will be a major concern for potential buyers.

4.    Clean the roof guttering of all debris

This is a simple task that will ensure the gutters are not overflowing in winter months. Overflowing roof guttering can cause internal water ingress and staining on the external roof eaves lining.

5.       Are your boundary fences straight and level?

Boundary fences that are leaning over can usually be straightened by some minor excavation. Trees or shrubs that are causing boundary fences to move should be removed.

6.     Check that your smoke alarms are hardwired and interconnected

From May 2014 all residential properties for sale must have the smoke alarms interconnected, so if one alarm is activated all alarms are activated. This alerts the whole property to a fire and not just one isolated area. This item can be done by a licensed electrician.

7.     Check that all the electrical lighting and power circuits are RCD (Residual Current Device) protected

This is a mandatory requirement and can be done by a licensed electrician.

8.     Replace all light globes that are not working

As this will remove the assumption, by potential purchasers, that the lights are not working and require electrical investigation.

9.     Have your pool and equipment inspected

Your pool equipment can be inspected by your local pool shop to ensure it is in good working order. Any defects can be repaired and a notice of the inspection can be supplied to any potential buyers.

10.  Engage a Building inspector

Having a building inspection done prior to the listing of your property for sale will expose any structural defects and major maintenance items that may need to be addressed prior to the sale of your home. Knowing this information and correcting any faults prior to the sale will ensure no sale contracts are cancelled. This report can also be supplied to any potential buyers.

Of course, if you’re unsure of how to spot the signs, want a professional opinion or particularly if you require an official pre-purchase or  pre-sale building inspection, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can even book online today!