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Commercial Building Inspections & Reports

Buying a commercial or industrial property is a huge investment. A smart investor will ensure there are no unforeseen defects in the construction of the property before signing on the dotted line.

Similarly if you plan to invest in additional residential properties for additional income (such as Strata managed properties) you will want to ensure there are no major maintenance issues that would get in the way of making a profit from your investment.

We offer a full suite of commercial property inspections, and can also custom develop inspections and reports based on your needs.

Who do our Commercial Building Inspections benefit?

You can benefit from a commercial building inspection if you are:

  • A company facility manager, an investor or business owner buying a commercial or industrial property
  • An owner or investor looking to sell a commercial or industrial property
  • An owner or investor wanting to take out insurance or make an insurance claim on a commercial or industrial property
  • A builder undertaking major renovations on a property and wish to record the original condition of the property before work commences
  • Planning on investing in or currently own a Strata managed property
  • A leasing company looking after Strata managed property for clients

Find the inspection to suit your needs below, or get in touch to request a custom report.

Commercial Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Before purchasing a commercial property or signing approval on a newly built property, a pre-purchase inspection can uncover any hidden defects which you can request be repaired before handover. This protects you from covering the cost of reparations down the track.

Building Dilapidation Surveys

If you are planning major maintenance or renovations on your property you will want to record the original condition of your property as well as that of neighbouring properties. This report can includes a second inspection at the end of construction to determine whether any damage was caused during construction. This protects the owner, the builder and the neighbouring building owners should any claims be made.

Strata Building Maintenance and Defect Reports

This report includes the building maintenance and defects to the common areas of a property. The maintenance items are documented including a priority on their repair and cost estimates for each item. This report helps the strata members budget for building maintenance that is due immediately and up to a 10 Year period.

Asbestos Material Inspections

Before undertaking renovations on a commercial property it is paramount to check for any asbestos material that may be disturbed in the process and pose a health risk to staff. This report identifies areas where asbestos materials are used and provides recommendations for safe removal. This report can also be used as a Materials Audit for the property, to identify all Asbestos material evident in the property to persons occupying or working on the building.

Building Workscope and Reports

Should your business property fall victim to accidental damage or natural disasters, this inspection can be used to identify what work is necessary to repair all damage. The report can then be given to tradesmen or Building Companies, as a tender document to obtain quotations.

Insurance Assessment Inspections

Similar to the Workscope report above, this inspection is used in times of damage from natural disasters or accident. The report will detail what repairs are required and can be given to your insurer as proof of what is to be covered or to be used as a tender document to obtain quotations.

Under Construction Building Inspections

This inspection, also known as a construction Stage Inspection, ensures you the construction of your commercial property is up to the highest standards at every stage of the process. We inspect the property after each stage is completed – slab, structural columns, brickwork, roof, lock-up and practical completion. Any issues uncovered can then be fixed before the next stage begins.

Construction Project Management

Our construction project management service helps to ensure your commercial construction project is completed on-time, within budget and to the highest standards.

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