Building Dilapidation Surveys

During construction the neighbouring properties can sustain minor cracking and defects caused by vibrations, soil dewatering and construction errors. As an insurance policy to ensure your construction hasn't caused prior damage, defects or cracks in the neighbouring buildings it is essential that Dilapidation Reports (or Property Condition Reports)are done pre and post construction.

Pre Construction Dilapidation reports should be done just prior to any demolition or siteworks commencing. Post Construction Dilapidation reports should be done within the final maintenance period of the construction project.

Dilapidation reports will ensure there are no disputes with the adjacent property owners during and after your construction project is complete. They are a useful safeguard against any possible future claims of faults caused by the construction of your property.

Items covered in our Dilapidation Inspection Reports:

  • Wall cracks, however minor, both internal and external
  • Ceiling and cornice cracks
  • Window Glazing checked for cracks or faults
  • Roof coverings checked for cracks or faults
  • Boundary fences
  • External paving and driveways
  • All defects are documented and photographed where appropriate.

BSP Construction Consultants has full Professional Indemnity insurance cover and guarantees Quality,  Professional Service with all of its reports.

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Building Dilapidation Surveys