Building Workscope and Reports

Damage to a building can happen in many ways, often resulting in outages to work time; disruptions to sales; and can even pose a danger to your staff and customers.

Before you can take steps to repair damage and return to business-as-usual, there are a number of things you need to find out:

  • What is the extent of the damage
  • What work is required to fix it
  • How much should you budget for repairs?

Our Commercial Building Workscope Inspections and Reports will give you these answers when your commercial, industrial or corporate building is faced with any range of damages, including:

  • Flood
  • Storm
  • Fire
  • Structural Damage Assessment
  • Accidental Damage reports

BSP provides a 24 hour/7 day emergency call out service for all structural damage assessment reports, so you can address any dangerous faults ASAP.

What is covered in a Commercial Building Workscope Report?

A Building Workscope Report comprehensively assesses all damages to your building, and compiles a detailed and descriptive list of these damages, including photographs and images. The danger and threats posed by any structural damage is clearly highlighted so that urgent repairs can be carried out immediately.

The report then outlines the work required to repair the damages, including building materials and quantities required to ensure your business premises is once again compliant with the safety and building codes in Western Australia.

The report will also document whether any dangerous materials (such as asbestos) are present so that your building contractor can factor removal of such materials into their quotes. We would also create an Asbestos Registry for your property and submit it to the National Asbestos Register if necessary.

All of our building workscope assessors are Registered Builders or Structural Engineers.

What are Building Workscope Reports used for?

As a tender document for building/repair contractors 

Our Building Workscope Reports give you an independent assessment of the work required to repair your commercial, industrial or corporate property. This report can then be used as a tender document to get quotes from various builders for completion of the work outlined in the report. In this way all builders will be required to quote for the same amount of work so you know exactly what is involved and can accurately compare quotes.

Our Building Workscope Reports have proven to be easily understood by building companies, allowing them to quickly and easily provide accurate quotations for the repairs required. 

Or will you be going through your insurance company for repairs?

Alternatively, if you are going through an insurance company to cover the cost of repairs to your building, your insurer will require an assessment of the cause and extent of damages and the work involved in repairs. For this you will need an Insurance Assessment Workscope Report.

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Building Workscope and Reports