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Accidental damage and natural disasters can put a great amount of stress and pressure on your business – sometimes disrupting work, productivity, sales and even posing a health risk or threat to staff and customers.

In order to get repairs underway without being out of pocket and back to business as usual, you will need to get payout approval from your insurer.

First, however, your insurance company will require an independent assessment as to the cause of the damage to determine if they are required to payout under the terms of your insurance agreement. Once this is established they will also require detailed information about the extent of work that is required to repair these damages before they can accurately assess how much to pay out to cover the damages.

This is what is known as an insurance building assessment or an insurance workscope report.

BSP provides a 24 hour/7 day emergency call out service for all structural damage insurance reports.

What is covered in a Commercial Insurance Assessment and Workscope Report?

This report thoroughly documents the cause and extent of the damages to your building with detailed text descriptions as well as quality and extensive photography which you can send directly to your insurance provider.

The report goes on to outline the work required to repair the damages, including building materials and quantities required to ensure your business will can once again comply with the safety and building codes in Western Australia.

As well as this, the report identifies whether any dangerous materials (such as asbestos) are present where the damage has occurred. This will ensure these materials are removed as part of the reparations and included in your insurance pay out. If these materials are present we also create an Asbestos Registry for your property and submit it to the National Asbestos Register.

All of our building workscope assessors are Registered Builders or Structural Engineers.

What are Commercial Buidling Workscope Reports used for?

1. An independent confirmation of the cause of accidental damage

This enables your insurance company to confirm whether repairs are covered under your insurance agreement.

2. Outline the extent of repairs required 

This report will provide evidence of all damage to your insurance provider and give them an accurate and independent assessment of the work required to repair the damage. In this way they can quickly and efficiently calculate your payout, letting you get reparations underway and return to normal business as soon as possible.

2. The report acts as a tender document for contractors so they can quote for the repairs required 

The Insurance Assessment Workscope Reports can be sent direct to repairmen or building contractors as a tender document, so you can attain accurate quotes for the repairs required to restore your business premises to a safe order.

If you decide not to go through your insurance company to cover the repairs, the report can also be used as a tender document to request quotes from various builders for completion of the work outlined in the report. See more information on how this can be used as a private building workscope report here.

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