Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

When purchasing a commercial property there are many more components of the property that must be thoroughly investigated to ensure your investment is of sound quality.

Exposing possible maintenance items and structural defects allow you to make a confident purchase decision. All reports are done in accordance with the current Australian Building Codes and Standards.

All Pre-Purchase building inspection reports are done by a Registered Builder or Structural Engineer.

All the structural components of the property will be inspected and any visible defects will be reported in an easy to read format.

All the internal and external mechanical, plumbing and electrical components of the property will be inspected. A suitable specialist will be employed to test these components if the initial inspector feels necessary.

All other external areas of the property such as car parks and drainage will be inspected and reported. Cost estimates for repairs and maintenance reports can be produced on request.
Common faults found on Commercial properties are:

  •     Mechanical - Air Conditioning services faulty and not maintained
  •     Electrical service faults
  •     Plumbing & Drainage faults
  •     Wall cracks, both internal and external
  •     Sagging Ceilings
  •     Internal Water ingress

BSP Construction Consultants investigate and report on over 5000 properties annually and have extensive Commercial Construction experience with the successful completion of five international Resort construction projects.

BSP Construction Consultants has full Professional Indemnity Insurance cover and guarantees Quality,  Professional Service with all of its reports.

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections