Under Construction Building Inspections

Ensuring your commercial property has been constructed correctly from both a structural and building viewpoint is an essential part of the building process, and should be carried out before your property can be handed over and final payments made. Contracting a BSP Commercial Under Construction Report will guarantee all aspects of the project are performed to your satisfaction and to Australian codes and standards.

The Commercial Under Construction Reports are carried out throughout each stage of the building process so that all areas of construction are properly inspected and assessed from the beginning right through to the end of the project. This ensures that minor issues will be identified and fixed before they become big issues – saving you time and money on your commercial building project.


Practical Completion Inspection

The most common under construction report that we handle is the Practical Completion Inspection.

This report is completed when a commercial building is in the final stages, and essentially ready to handover to you. This means we check, among other things, whether all amenities within the property – such as gas, electricity, lighting, heating/air conditioning and appliances are in working order. The building should be ready for you to begin your commercial venture – whether to work or sell – and if it isn’t our Practical Completion Report will provide you with a list of items that the builder must repair before the handover and final payments can be made.

Ideally, any Practical Completion Inspection contracted to BSP Construction Consultants will take place before you meet your building contractor for the last time. In this way you can confidently request your final list of changes before the official handover and payment. This gives the builder the best chance to correct any issues before the building is populated – ensuring your staff and customers the best and safest experience within your new building.

This is a vital last step in making sure your commercial property is ready for tenants, so trust BSP Construction Consultants – experts in construction throughout Perth and regional Western Australia – to carry it out.

Among the more common problems discovered in an Under Construction Inspection are:

  • Inaccurate room sizes
  • Brickwork not installed correctly
  • Structural columns not installed
  • Structural columns in wrong position and/or of incorrect size
  • Incorrect cavity flashing installation
  • Electrical and plumbing faults and omissions
  • The roof framing does not conform to Australian Standard and Building Codes
  • Roof holding down requirements not followed or not installed
  • Installation of steel wall rods was not completed
  • Structural steel window support lintels not the correct size
  • Incorrect T-bar steel structural members installed
  • Incorrect steel types used (e.g., galvanized steel must be for maritime buildings)

All Under Construction Projects for commercial properties are set up by appointment.

We perform well over 2,000 inspection reports per year, using an extensive background in construction in the residential and commercial markets, with over 300 building projects completed successfully.

BSP Construction Consultants has full professional indemnity insurance coverage and guarantees a quality professional service in all aspects of its reports. 

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