The City East Alliance project

City East Alliance

Great Eastern Highway - Dilapidation/Property condition reports

2500 property inspections - Completed June 2013

The Main Roads Department project

Main Roads


Dilapidation/Property condition reports

150 property inspections

Completed December 2010

The John Holland Group project

John Holland

Northbridge Train Tunnels

Dilapidation/Property condition reports

400 property inspections

Completed October 2013

The Richardson Strata Management Services project

Richardson Strata Management

Building Property Maintainence/structural defects reports for commercial properties.

100 commercial properties inspected to date.

The BHP Billiton project

BHP Billiton

Boddington - Dilapidation/Property condition reports

150 property inspections - Completed March 2011

The Water Corporation project

Garherst/Water Corp

West Coast Highway Sewer upgrades – Dilapidation reports

60 property inspections – Completed 2010.

The Water Corporation project

Water Corporation

Wanneroo – Dilapidation/ Property condition reports

50 property inspections – completed February 2011.

The City of Melville project

City of Melville

Asbestos material inspections

100 properties – Completed June 2011.

The image001.png project

Gateway WA

Perth Airports surrounding roadways - Dilapidation/Property condition reports

250 property inspections - Completed July 2014