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Residential Building Inspections & Reports

Buying or building a home is one of the most significant investments you will make in your life. So you want to be sure there are no faults or hidden issues that are going to end up blowing your budget and leaving you in debt for repairs.

BSP Construction Consultants offers a full suite of Residential Building Inspections across Perth.

We can even custom develop an inspection and report for you depending on your specific needs.

Find the Residential Building Inspection you require below

Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Before you sign the papers to purchase a pre-owned or newly-built home, make sure there are no hidden issues with the property with a pre-purchase building inspection. This report can be given to the seller or builder for reparations to be made before the sale is finalised, making sure you are not out of pocket for repairs.

Building Maintenance and Defects Report

Concerned that your home or a property you own might be falling into disrepair? A building maintenance report can catch issues that need reparations before they turn into serious structural problems. The report can be given to tradesmen to help you get a more accurate quote and quick repair.

Under Construction Building Inspection

If you are having a new home built, an under-construction inspection (aka a Stage Inspection) ensures construction and craftsmanship is up-to-code at every step of the process. We will check at the slab, brickwork, roof, lock-up and practical completion stages and the reports can be given to the builder at each stage to make any necessary fixes, ensuring you get the best-built home.

Building Dilapidation Survey

Building a new home or carrying out substantial renovations in a residential area? Or are your neighbours doing so? A Building Dilapidation Survey records the condition of the home and neighbouring homes before and after construction. This can protect all involved should any damage or claimed damage come to a property or neighbouring property as a result of construction.

Asbestos Materials Inspection

If your property was built prior to 2003 and you are considering beginning any renovations, you will first need to check whether there are any asbestos materials in your home. This report will locate the materials and provide recommendations for safe removal.

Building Workscope Inspections and Reports

Also known as a Scope Of Work Assessment and Report, this inspection is used to survey any damage to a property – possibly caused by flood, fire, storm or accidental damage – and outline the necessary work to fix the damage. This report can then be given to tradesmen (builders, roofers, electricians etc.) so they can provide you with a quick and accurate quote for the work.

Insurance Building Assessments

Similar to the above Scope Of Work Assessment, this inspection is also used to survey any damage to a property – possibly caused by flood, fire, storm or accidental damage – and outline the necessary work to fix the damage. This report can then be given to insurers as proof of the reparations to be covered or uses as a tender document to obtain quotations for the repairs required.

Indemnity Insurance Inspections

Necessary for taking out indemnity insurance on your home, this building inspection will be required by your insurer to assess the condition of your home – all aspects of construction and any defects. The insurer will only approve your indemnity insurance application with a report stating the home is 100% structurally sound with only minor defects.

Owner Builder Advisory Service

Owner-building can be a stressful task. This service offers support and consultation throughout your building process – help with plans, quantity surveying, monitoring onsite work, and inspections to ensure work is up to code – everything you would get from a building company without the high costs!

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