Asbestos Materials Inspection

Was your property in Perth built prior to 2000? If so then there is a high possibility that materials in your property contain asbestos. Asbestos material was used by the majority of Australian builders up until 1987, with a number still using it right up until 2000.

Asbestos was used by itself or mixed with other materials in the ceilings, walls, floors, fences, roof, guttering and many other areas of homes and buildings during this time. While it is a toxic and carcinogenic material, it is mostly innocuous if left alone. However, if asbestos material is cut or tampered with then the dangerous material will be released and should only be handled by experienced licensed professionals.

So if your walls, ceiling or other parts of your property are beginning to deteriorate, or if you intend to begin renovation or construction work, then in the interest of safety for you, your family and your contractors, you will require an Asbestos Materials Inspection. This will determine the location of asbestos products in your home and the extent of risk they pose.


What is involved in an Asbestos Material Inspection?

BSP Construction Consultants will carry out a number of professional checks on your home to determine:

  • What parts of your property are built using asbestos or semi-asbestos based materials
  • The degree of use of asbestos in your property
  • The state of these asbestos materials – i.e. are they fully intact and innocuous, degraded and in need of maintenance, dangerous and require professional removal etc.
  • If the asbestos materials require action, we will determine what kind of action is required (e.g. painting, removal)
  • We will also send a sample, if requested, of the asbestos material from your home for laboratory testing (NATA Approved Laboratory) to further define the material type
  • We will then create an Asbestos Registry for your property.

Trust BSP Construction Consultants

BSP has complete professional indemnity insurance. Our Asbestos Building reports are always done carefully and professionally by experienced inspectors, with safety and accuracy guaranteed. We are one of the most experienced building inspection companies in Western Australia, inspecting over 5,000 buildings per year.

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