Indemnity Insurance Inspections

Indemnity Insurance Building Inspection report investigates all aspects of construction in the home including major maintenance defects. The reports will follow the desired format of your selected Insurer.

Indemnity Insurance cover will only be given to property that is 100% structurally sound and has only minor maintenance defects that may require repair. Any structural faults or maintenance defects identified in the report can be repaired and re-inspected prior to the report being submitted to your Insurer, thus ensuring the report is accepted and processed quickly by the Insurer.

BSP consultants have successfully completed Indemnity Reports for all of the major Insurers. All reports are done by a Registered Builder or Structural Engineer.

BSP Construction Consultants carries full Professional Indemnity insurance cover, which is essential for these reports to be approved by the Insurer.

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Indemnity Insurance Inspections