Insurance Building Assessments

When natural disasters or accidental destruction cause damage to your home, before your insurance company can approve payout to help you get reparations underway, they usually require an insurance building assessment and workscope report, so that they can have documented, independent evidence of the cause of the damage.

With an Insurance Building Assessment from an independent building inspector, like us, your insurance company can then approve payout and use the report to accurately calculate how much work and money is required to repair the damage.

Structural components of your home are assessed for immediate faults and danger, and necessary action can be taken immediately.

BSP provides a 24 hour/7 day emergency call out service for all structural damage insurance reports.

What is covered in an Insurance Assessment and Workscope Report?

The Insurance Building Assessment will comprehensively document all damages, as well as the probable cause, for the benefit of you and your insurance provider, including quality images of the damage and detailed descriptions.

The report also outlines the work required to repair the damages, including building materials and quantities required, to get your home back up to the safety and building codes in Western Australia. The report will identify whether any dangerous materials (such as asbestos) are present where the damage has taken place, so that your insurance company can be informed that they may need to cover removal of these materials by professionals. We would also create an Asbestos Registry for your property and submit it to the National Asbestos Register if necessary. 

All of our building workscope assessors are Registered Builders or Structural Engineers.

What are Buidling Workscope Reports used for?

1. Independently assess and provide proof to your insurance company as to the cause of damage to your home

Before your insurance company can approve payout for repairs they first need proof that they are liable to do so.

2. Demonstrate to your insurance company what repairs are required 

If your insurance company is paying for the repairs to your home, they will require this report to outline the extent of the repairs to be covered by them, and how much these repairs will cost.

3. Provide your Building/Repairs Company with a clear outline of the work required

Our Insurance Assessment Workscope Reports have proven to be easily understood by building companies, allowing them to quickly and easily complete the necessary reparations to restore your home to a safe order.

If you are paying for your own repairs and not going through your insurance company, the report can also be used as a tender document to get quotes from various builders for completion of the work outlined in the report. See more information on how this can be used as a Building workscope report here.

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