Owner Builder Advisory Service

Owner builders will come across many construction problems that they didn't plan for or even know about, after all, building a home requires time, patience, money and knowledge. And in today's super-heated construction market, trades are at a premium, rates are extremely high and the time pressures to complete jobs are enormous. This is a very tricky time to be Owner Building a home, especially if it is your first attempt.

All of BSP Consulting staff are highly experienced registered builders with a combined working history of decades in the industry and many hundreds of homes completed. This translates into a first class Owner Builder advisory service. From helping you devise plans to monitoring trades on site and ensuring compliance with Building Codes, BSP can act as your expert advisor. In short, you get all the services of a building supervisor without the excessive costs levied by building companies.

Using BSP Construction Consultants will ensure your property is constructed correctly, on time and within budget.

Services provided:

  • Quantity Estimates and Pricing
  • Energy Efficiency Advice
  • Building Schedules.
  • Trade co-ordination.
  • Quality Control.
  • Construction Supervision and guidance.

BSP Construction consultancy has extensive construction experience in the single, double and multistorey residential home market with over 300 residential homes successfully completed.

BSP Consultancy has full Professional Indemnity insurance cover and guarantees professional quality and service with all of its reports.

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Owner Builder Advisory Service