Under Construction Building Inspection

Purchasing a BSP Under Construction Report is the best way to ensure your property is being constructed both correctly from a structural and building viewpoint, and also to your personal satisfaction. After all, building a new home is a demanding process and one that many of us invest countless hours in. 

These reports are done in a stage by stage process, thus ensuring all areas of construction are inspected and assessed before completion of the project. Minor problems are therefore identified and rectified as they are created, preventing larger issues from arising at a later stage of construction, which can be costly in terms of money and time.

The most common type of under construction report we do is a Practical Completion Inspection. A home that is practically complete must be "ready to live in", meaning the power and gas must be connected, and all appliances must be working. A Practical Completion Report provides the new home owner with a list of items that the builder must rectify before actual handover occurs and final payments are made. Ideally, the Practical Completion Inspection undertaken by BSP Construction Consultants should take place prior to you meeting your builder for the final time, allowing you to approach handover with absolute confidence that all unfinished items will be noted and fixed prior to you physically moving into your home. Experts in construction throughout Perth and regional WA, a BSP Practical Completion Report is a crucial last last step in getting the finish you desire in your new home.

Common problems found in Under Construction Inspections:

  • Room sizes being incorrect.
  • Incorrect Brickwork installations.
  • Incorrect cavity flashing installations.
  • Electrical faults and omissions.
  • Plumbing faults and omissions.
  • Roof framing not conforming to Australian Standard and Building Codes.
  • Structural columns not installed.
  • Structural columns in the wrong position and of incorrect size.
  • Roof holding down requirements have not been followed correctly or simply not installed.
  • Steel wall rods not being installed.
  • Incorrect structural steel window support lintels sizes being installed.
  • Incorrect T- Bar steel structural members being installed.
  • Incorrect steel types being used. Example - Non-galvanized steel being used in close proximity to oceans or rivers.

Single Storey Residential Homes - 5 Stage reports:

  • Stage 1: Concrete slab completed.
  • Stage 2: Brickwork completed.
  • Stage 3: Roof Frame completed.
  • Stage 4: Lockup.
  • Stage 5: Practical completion - Handover.

Double Storey Residential Homes - 6 Stage reports:

  • Stage 1: Concrete slab completed.
  • Stage 2: Ground floor brickwork completed.
  • Stage 3: 1st floor brickwork completed.
  • Stage 4: Roof frames completed.
  • Stage 5: Lockup.
  • Stage 6: Practical completion - Handover.

Commercial Project stages are set up by appointment.

BSP Construction Consultants performs over 5000 inspection reports annually and has extensive construction experience in the residential & commercial markets, with over 300 building projects successfully completed.

BSP Consultancy has full Professional Indemnity insurance cover and guarantees Quality,  Professional Service with all of its reports.

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